Important Matters

Our Parents are encouraged to partake in all matters affecting school life. The various areas of involvement are Listed below:


Child Management: A happy child is rarely a disruptive child. Professional staff at Milkwood Primary would like the children to be well-behaved, co-operative and enthusiastic about attending school. The teachers strive to create an environment where children are made to feel welcome, treated with empathy and given every encouragement to achieve their full potential. Children are trusted and expected to work hard. Through learning to behave sensibly, the children are led towards self-discipline.

Yet, there will be occasional infractions of acceptable behaviour. In such instances, the child may be required to do chores in the classroom or on school grounds. Discipline is firm but not based on fear. (See Code of Conduct)

Home circumstances can impact negatively on a child’s behaviour. A child can be traumatised by incidents such as the problems when parents are in the throes of a divorce or the hospitalisation of a member of the family. Please inform the school of such situations. The Milkwood Primary Staff can make a meaningful contribution during such an emotional crisis.

There is a close liaison with parents on matters of ill-discipline. Where necessary, the Head of the Western Cape Education Department may appoint a professional to hold counselling sessions with parents and also with individual children.

Children with special needs: A fully qualified Remedial Educator helps with aspects of remedial/correctional work and is on the school premises for two full days a week. Appointments may be made if the need arises to discuss the special needs of individual learners.

About 6% of the children may be classified as “gifted”. South African education does not provide specific schools for such children. Within Milkwood Primary, the educator endeavours to meet the needs of gifted children through enrichment programmes. Parents have a pivotal role to play in giving the child additional encouragement and academic support. If you have such a child, the professional staff is available to give practical guidelines.

Curricula: The school follows the broad curricula requirements as laid down by the Western Cape Education Department. At Milkwood Primary, there is a commitment by the staff that every child, irrespective of ability, will reach optimal personal potential.

Outcomes-based education (OBE) has been phased into South African schools from 1998 onwards. The school is fortunate in having staff who have had either formal tertiary or in-service training in OBE. Certain characters of OBE are:

Educators are facilitators in the learning situation.

There are a wide variety of expected outcomes to ensure the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values.

The children are continually assessed in a variety of ways other than cycle tests and examinations. Examples are written assignments, oral presentations, projects and self-assessments.

Critical thinking, reasoning, research, reflection and action by the children are actively encouraged.

The children are able to work at their own pace.

A co-operative rather than a competitive spirit is encouraged in the classroom where children work in groups, teams and pairs. The learning is relevant to real-life situations and there is a focus on the application of knowledge to the world outside the classroom.

All learners are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities. It is the duty of the educator to look after learners during the formal school day and for certain sporting activities after school.

NOTE: It is not the responsibility of the Educators to look after learners while they are waiting to be picked up after activities. PARENTS/GUARDIANS MUST make the necessary arrangements to have their children picked up on time after activities – within 15 minutes.